Landon Evans: High Performance Integration: Creating an Athlete: Centered Environment in Collegiate Athletics (DIGITAL)


If you’re not working together everything is going to be sub optimal, people are going to be pissed, people are going to be pointing fingers, and people are going to be asking a lot more questions going “why”.

In 2015 we welcomed back Landon Evans to The Seminar to share with us the direction towards an athlete centered model they built. After a brief intro including his background Landon gets into nuts and bolts of the program that has evolved. This venture starts with where they were as a program in August of 2012 when Landon arrived with a conversation with the track and field staff that started with the sport coaches running their training to Landon “speaking their language” and working his way into the staff and building a relationship with sports medicine. The next step was the formulation of their sport performance group with the entire support staff to help better use their perspectives to formulate better ways of communicating with the coaches. The primary driver of the whole program is communication between the performance staff and the coaching staff with open and honest discussion.

This leads right into how they are designing training. The breakdown of weekly micro cycles and daily training is the driving force behind them moving the program forward. This includes the role of the sport coach and athlete in providing input and having autonomy provided in training. He closes discussing the role of monitoring and how they identify the who gets what and how often.


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