Kelly Starrett: Integrating Screening, Diagnostics, and Performance(DIGITAL)


The only thing that we need to evaluate on our systems is test and retest. Does it work or not? Is it an observable, measurable, and repeatable phenomenon? That’s all we care about. When I make a change in position mechanics I expect to see some commiserate change in output, in wattage, in performance. That’s how I know I’m making changes.

Mr. Mobility WOD joined us in 2013 to break down interworking’s between evaluation, performance training, and rehabilitation. After he dissects the current state of these professions K-Star gets into his health care model where the Strength and Conditioning Coach is in the center of this model. This leads us to The Coaches Dilemma. This is the issue that coaches have where they are receiving poorly prepared athlete’s, with less time to work with them than the sport coach, and the activity of the sports gets in the way of improving/correcting issues. This is why it’s so important to be an “expert” in positioning, as opposed the “sport”. This is what leads him to lagging indicators vs. leading indicators.

He gives us a break down of how he looks at a training session including what he see’s needing to be done in an hour and a half session. This includes how he uses movement as a diagnostics tool and also how to challenge body positions. Within this includes how positions in exercises and the performance of some movements tie directly into physical therapy. This all leads to some actionable ideas where coaches can make a few tweaks and leverage even further. Kelly goes through different positions and examples oh where there could be issues along with come cues to correct them. These breakdowns include the shoulder and hip. These examples lead directly into his movement hierarchy.

There are a few audio issues with this talk. None of which were in the main aspects or points of the talk.


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