Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky: Progressing the Jumping Exercises(DIGITAL)


It’s necessary to always remember that sport is the art of movement. So, the end all is the improvement of movement. This is the purpose of our work.

This is one of the best, and most influential presentations from The Seminar on the programming I prescribe for my student athletes. I cannot recommend this talk enough. Dr. Verkhoshansky begins this sensational presentation with an in-depth evaluation of the two components of the Process of Achieving Sport Mastery. This is a topic contested by many people, but her evaluation of the process removes the grey areas. Once this has been established it leads into the primary goal of the lecture (and what we do for that matter), developing athletes and assuring there is a constant increase in their level of special physical preparation. This includes exercise selection, methods used for the exercises, and motor learning techniques to help ensure your athletes continue develop throughout their career.

All of this leads into the step by step progression of jumping exercises that her father developed. From extensive vs intensive methods, and short vs long coupling exercises the principles to follow and practical analysis of what jumps to use is laid out right before us. She even includes video examples, both of good execution and poor execution, of many of the exercises she recommends.

I cannot say enough how much this presentation has impacted what I do with all the athlete’s I work with. In my opinion it is without a doubt one of the top 5 we have had here, if not the absolute best.


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