Dr. Fergus Connolly – Future Trends in Team Sports (DIGITAL)



Effectiveness is do you get the job done, efficiency is at what cost.

“We underestimate the damage that is done by poor quality work, by poor quality repetitions.”

Fergus Connolly provided a fantastic lecture at The 2019 Seminar sharing some of his experiences and some of the tactics he’s used, including his successes and in failures. Fergus starts out with a few examples of events and some lessons that impacted him and driven him in different directions in his career. This leads him right into the idea of game speed, and he provides an example of how we can communicate with coaches to help drive decisions to improve each athlete to play fast. He then discusses with us tendency’s that are shown in athlete’s as their careers go forward, and how these factors can impact your decisions in their preparation.

Fergus then shares with us how he looked at putting together the week, and provided actual examples and guidelines for these “focuses.” He classifies drills and games into different levels based on what the outcome of each would be. This leads him into how we can program these for a season with a team, and even provides some ways that he has provided guidelines for coaches to better plan practices to keep the athlete’s safe and increase these qualities of each of the prementioned focuses.

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