Dr. Bryan Mann: Velocity based training (DIGITAL)



Look for more of the similarities that exist between than the differences.

July of 2015 brought Dr. Bryan Mann to The Seminar for his first trip to RVA to discuss Velocity Based Training. After Dr. Mann gives the background of where his ideas came from starting back to his time at SMS in the early 2000’s. It came to full fruition at MIZZOU when he found that what he hoped to see correlated in their training actually had no statistical correlation. This ties right into the latest updates he has in the “grouping” of VBT levels. This leads him right into the reasons why VBT is important to the development of your athletes.

This presentation is an update to the original work Dr. Mann did on VBT and includes examples of where on the speed power curve are important and show up in different sporting events, the role of feedback on training, how it can act as a coach on the floor, the way it helps motivate athletes, and drive performance improvements. Bryan then dives into how this fits in with the Olympic lifts, and why he has moved to peak velocity from mean velocity when looking at them and what those velocities he’s been using. He then breaks down how the velocity curve is set up, how they can use velocity can determine 1RM for that day, and how it (VBT) can be utilized to monitor readiness of your athletes. He then discusses the research they did at MIZZOU on academic stress and its effect on injury rates in athletes. Dr. Mann finishes out by giving us examples of how you can fit VBT into your off-season training plan.

If there has ever been a thought of utilizing VBT, or any sort of bar speed monitoring tech, with your athletes then this presentation is an absolute must to have. The opportunity to hear from the man who wrote the book on VBT on how you can best implement this method is a reference that I cannot recommend enough and is one that I return to each time we are looking at attaching a Gywaware to a barbell with my athletes.


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