In 2014, on the beautiful campus of The University of Richmond in Richmond, VA Central Virginia Sport Performance hosted their fourth annual Seminar. For this year’s CVASPS we stepped it up another notch, bringing back many of the favorites from past years, and introducing some new presenters as well.

The lineup was as follows:

  • Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuck – The Long Term Development of Athlete’s: Principles and Case Studies.
  • Rick Brunner – Explosive Athletic Ergogenics: The Science and Practice of Nutritional Ergogenics
  • Henk Kraaijenhof – Improving Sprinting Speed: The three phases of the race, how to train for them, and case studies for these situtations
  • Dr. Viktor Seluyanov – Latest Theoretical Advancements in the Development of Athletes: Where the idea came from, how they were developed, and case studies supporting these theories.
  • Val Nasedkin – Periodizing The Preparation of Athlete’s-The Meso and Micro Cycles-The Science and Practice of Preparing Top Level Athletes
  • Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuck: The Long Term Development of Athlete’s – Principles and Case Studies

This fantastic lineup consisting of the best of the best from around the world converging to the gorgeous campus of The University of Richmond in Richmond, VA for an incredible seminar for anyone involved in athletic performance. With some of the best scientific and coaching minds in the world you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.


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