Chris Korfist: The Foot, Ankle, and Toes (DIGITAL)


Once energy is absorbed, it needs somewhere to go.

The 2018 Seminar welcomed Chris Korfist to the docket to give us a break down of how we, as coaches, can improve our athletes speed by looking at the foot, ankle, and toes in a “new” way. As with most methods that Chris implements with his athletes, this is an excellent and unique method of developing the athletes in a manner that build transferable qualities, and of course, when we are talking about transfer with Chris Korfist, we are talking about making athletes faster.

Chris starts out discussing with us the research on the foot and ankle. These papers all showed the same thing, the ankle/foot are the actual power producers in sprinting. This leads him to the reasons why we, as Americans, this is so often overlooked (which is pretty hilarious). Chris then provides a frame by frame break down of what he’s looking at with his athletes when it comes to shin angles with running based on the research and where these “leaks” occur.

This leads to a hands-on demo for everyone in attendance (that you can do at home as well :-)) looking at both your extensors and flexors of the big toe. Chris shares with us the importance, how he evaluates these two areas and gives some unique training methods that he has used to improve, not just these areas, but that have direct carry over to increasing running speed and improving the health of your athletes.

This is a fantastic lecture full of practical examples that require MINIMAL equipment to improve your athlete’s performance. If you are looking to find some unique methods that have been shown to have direct carry over to making your athletes faster, I couldn’t recommend this lecture enough.


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