Carl Valle – Director of Innovation, Insidetracker (DIGITAL)


The key to recovery is training

Carl Valle joined us for The 2016 edition of The Seminar to discuss the latest research on recovery modalities. Carl dives straight into where the research is going and what he sees the role of recovery means in training today. Carl breaks down the role of recovery in a no holds barred manner as only Carl can do. Carl starts out with breaking down the two aspects of development: Capacity (training), and Supporting (Balancing). This dives him straight down the rabbit hole of training, and how specific training means may take longer to work than coaches anticipate and how recovery modalities impact and are impacted by them tying that in with how KPI’s and different evaluations can assist with those. The big three, and the ones that really work, that he gets into when it comes to recovery: time, sleep, and nutrition. He dives into many common modalities implemented in conjunction with these three to help improve how the athlete recovers.


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