Brett Bartholomew: Bartholomew Strength (DIGITAL)


cross more wires to create more sparks.

In a profession where the sexy new thing is always what comes to the limelight there is one thing that coaches will always come back to being the most important aspect of their work, building relationships with their athletes. In a fast paced 70 minutes Brett Bartholomew brings some absolutely fantastic real world anecdotal situations to discuss the where, what’s, and why’s conflict arise on a daily basis and how we, as coaches, can embrace those “causes” to build better relationships. In his fantastic presentation “The Upside to Your Dark Side” Brett breaks out a compass to help the viewer channel either “light side” or “dark side” has a yin to its yang by breaking down the Dark Side traits vs behaviors. These contain both “good” and “bad” and work hand in hand with each other, allowing the educated practitioner to make better decisions on how to handle athlete’s and situations based on these traits and behaviors. The vast array of stories and real-world examples make this very heavy content extremely digestible and really enjoyable. This is one of the presentations from The Seminar, that I will personally watch over and over and take a different point each time along with having as one of our lead in lectures for our intern program.


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