Brad DeWeese: East Tennessee State University (DIGITAL)



Maybe a Shook One is someone who says they want to train them to the podium but they don’t want to load them

In his ninety-eight-minute presentation Dr. Brad DeWeese breaks down what exactly Seamless Sequential Integration is. The first step of which is him breaking down the 5 aspects of SSI and how they fit together to build his programming. After going over the 5 aspects of SSI, he gives examples of how he breaks down each of the aspects individually and then ties them back together including how he breaks down what periodization is and multiple examples as to why it is not dead.

To give the attendees an understanding of what the athlete’s he’s working with do, Dr. DeWeese next shares video’s as demonstrations off what he is looking at with all five different sports he works with, how they are evaluating athletes, and how they’re trying to improve their performance. These area’s include: reserve, the crates of speed, how he organizes his training curriculum, polarity, training short to long, and how they sequence speed training. He finishes off with video demonstrations of what they do to train each of these factors and breaks down the reasoning and research behind each selection. This is a rare view into the actual work being done, along with the research and reasoning to back what they’re doing, by elite athletes. An absolutely fantastic presentation.


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