Bob Alejo: North Carolina State University (DIGITAL)


The best way to predict the future, is to create it

In 2016 we welcomed Bob Alejo to The Seminar to discuss with us and our attendees his voyage, what he’s seen in the profession, and the direction he sees it going.

Bob starts out the talk by fulfilling a promise to “tell everyone who you are” with a 5-minute run down of how he got to NC State, which is really awesome. Bob then dives right into what he’s seen that work, doesn’t work, and the fads that have come and go. The gems in this talk come when he starts talking about the “mistakes” he has made in his career, the changes he has made, and why he has made those changes. Bob then shares with us what has changed and how he does things now differently than he did before in relation to “didn’t do it then but doing it now,” and his evolution to “didn’t do this but am doing it now.” This evolution and self-evaluation of a coach who has spent 30+ years in the game is absolutely priceless.

When I talk with people about their presentation I just ask for open, honest, and candid sharing. This is the pinnacle of that. Bob’s talk is one that coaches who are just starting out, or have been in the game for decades can take something from.


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