Fergus Connolly’s Chapter From The Manual, Vol. 4

The field of strength and conditioning is full of practitioners who are constantly looking for better ways to find an “edge.” All too often there is a road block though, sometimes coming in the form of administration or management, other times sport coaches, or even from the athlete’s themselves. The role communication in evolving these siuttaiotns and smoldering these issues along the way is the topic Dr. Fergus Connolly evaluates in his amazing chapter in The Manual, Vol. 4 The Performance Director’s Secret Soft Syllabus.

Dr. Connolly touches upon a great range of aspects to communication including:

  1. Why we communicate with people at different “levels” of the organization
  2. Examples of how leaders in history were successful communicators
  3. The role of interpersonal communication
  4. The process and medium of communication and it’s effect on the message
  5. The state and standing of the audience’s impact on what you are trying to get across
  6. Keys to effectively communicate in order to best get your message understood
  7. The role of listening and body language in this entire process

These seven keys are all things that can make or break your ability to get your point across and either move your plan forward or have your plans shut down by whomever you’re trying to get on the same page. Fill out the form below to grab your copy of this sensational chapter from The Manual, Vol. 4 today!

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