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(2011) Ethan Reeve: Density Training and Program Design, (2011) Joel Jamieson: A New Perspective on Energy Systems and Performance, (2011) Dr. Vladimir Issurin: Block Periodization – New Approach To High-Performance Training Design, (2011) Dr. Michael Yessis: Specialized Exercises-How to Use Them in the Practical Setting, (2011) Dr. Mainfang Raun: The Present and Future of Chinese National Centralized Sports Training System, (2011) Cal Dietz: Block Method Progression in the Transfer of Speed Perfromance, (2011) Cal Dietz: New Loading Methods and Techniques in Sport Specificity, (2012) Dr. Natalia Verkhoshanksy: General Adaptation Syndrome and its Applications in the Sport Training, (2012) CAL DIETZ: ADVANCED PRINCIPLES IN PROGRAMMING, (2012) Val Nasedkin: Creation of Short and Long Term Training Goals Based on Biological Markers, (2012) MIKE ROBERTSON: CORRECTIVE EXERCISE: FACT VS FICTION, (2012) Landon Evans: Physical Preparation in the NCAA: A Complementary Approach, (2012) JOEL JAMIESON: MANAGING THE TRAINING PROCESS, (2012) DR. NATALIA VERKHOSHANSKY: SHOCK METHOD, (2013) Landon Evans: Excel for Sport, (2013) Yosef Johnson: Performance Result Based Training Methods, (2013) Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky: Progressing the Jumping Exercises, (2013) Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky: Depth Jump vs Drop Jump, (2013) Dr. Michael Yessis: The Yessis Model, (2013) Dr. Michael Kalinski : Hormones in Sport and Exercise, (2013) Kelly Starrett: Integrating Screening, Diagnostics, and Performance, (2013) Joel Jamieson: Review of a Camp, (2013) Henk Kraaijenhof: Wired to Win, (2013) Henk Kraaijenhof: Helping the Best to Get Better, (2013) Ben Peterson: The Effect of Aerobic Capacity on Repeated Sprint Performance, (2014) Val Nasedkin: Periodizing The Preparation of Athletes – The Meso and Micro Cycles, (2014) Dr. Viktor Seluyanov: A Biologically Determined Concept for Athlete Preparation, (2014) Rick Brunner: Explosive Athletic Ergogenics: The Science and Practive of Nutritional Ergogenics, (2014) Panel Q&A Session: 2014 CVASPS Forum Speakers, (2014) Henk Kraaijenhof: Improving Sprinting Speed: The three phases of that race, how to train for them, (2015) Dr. Bryan Mann: Velocity based training, (2015) Steve Magness: Understanding Endurance Development, (2015) Cal Dietz: Considerations for Various Adaptations during the Annual Cycle, (2015) Andrew Althoff: Baylor Performance: past, present, and future, (2015) Michael Regan: Bridging the Gaps in Data and Decision Making Across a Football Department, (2015) Landon Evans: High Performance Integration: Creating an Athlete: Centered Environment in Collegiate Athletics, (2015) Dr. Ben Peterson: Using Data To Improve Metabolic Specificity and Conditioning For Team Sport Athletes, (2015) Dr. Mike Gentry: Building a Winning Strength and Conditioning Program, (2015) Jim Snider: Post Season Tissue ReEducation Model, (2015) Erik Korem: High Performance: Fact vs Fiction, (2016) Sam Coad: University of Oklahoma, (2016) Randy Ballard: Interim Director of Sports Medicine/Director of Integrated Performance, University of Illinois, (2016) Mike Curtis: University of Virginia, (2016) Henk Kraaijenhof: Dutch Sprint Coach, (2016) Derek Hansen: NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, (2016) Carl Valle – Director of Innovation, Insidetracker, (2016) Buddy Morris: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Arizona Cardinals, (2016) Bob Alejo: North Carolina State University


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