Making his second appearance at The Seminar is Dr. Vladimir Issurin.  Most notably recognized for his method of Block Periodization published through Ultimate Athlete Concepts (Vol 1, Vol 2), Dr. Issurin also has an extensive background working with athletes, ranging from 3 Olympic cycles of scientific adviser and head of the scientific group for the USSR Olympic canoe/kayak, and two more as a team leader of Israeli kayak and swimming national teams.  With over 150 publications on top of his Olympic coaching and management experience, his wealth of knowledge raises the bar for this symposium up one more notch.

JD: Could you please give your coaching background and your own athletic career?

VI: I had extensive practice as the swimming coach from 1965 until 1972 working with juniors, adult members of regional team (Leningrad) and several top-level athletes.

My own athletic career was very successful as the junior winner of Leningrad championships and several All-USSR competitions. I was less successful as an adult (champion of Leningrad, finalist of USSR championships), but more successful as a masters (many-fold champion of Israel in different age categories). Presently I practice 5-6 swimming workouts per week.

JD: Where did Block Periodization originate and with whom?

VI: I clarified in my book that Block Periodization was proposed by myself in cooperation with the head coach of USSR canoe-kayak team Vassili Kaverin at 1982-84 and first published in 1985. Approximately at the same time the similar training versions were implemented by A. Bondarchuk and G. Touretsky (personal coach of A. Popov and others). My concept and its clarification is very different from the published version of Prof. Verkhoshansky.

JD: How has Dr. Zatsiorsky influenced your career?

VI: I have maintained close contact with Prof. Zatsiorsky since 1971, when I had been a PhD student. He gave me excellent pattern of magnificent intelligence, open mind, wisdom, common sense, honesty, friendly attitude, and positive humor. His influence on my scientific style, human priorities and values is really great and I extremely appreciate his warm attitude and long-life friendship.

JD: What can people expect from your new book?

VI: My new book is almost ready; it consists of three extensive parts:

1) Basic concepts of athletic preparation (terms, principles, effects, training   transfer).

2) Fundamentals of planning and training designing (traditional and alternative training theories, new studies in this domain, talent, sport longevity, junior training).

3) Innovative approaches to athletic performance and training (concurrent and post-activation potentiation, psycho-physiological technologies, artificial environment and virtual reality training, electrostimulation and vibration training). I plan the book to be oriented towards coaches, training analysts, students and curious athletes.

JD: What can people expect from your presentations in Virginia?

VI: I suppose my lectures will be devoted to various aspects of Block Periodized training and, perhaps, some innovative approaches to training and performance. The final version will be coordinated with Coach DeMayo.

More on 2015 Presenter Dr. Vladimir Issurin:

Dr. Vladimir Issurin
Dr. Vladimir Issurin

Prof., Dr. Vladimir B. Issurin serves as a scientific and professional coordinator of the Elite Sport Department of the Israeli Olympic Committee at the Wingate Institute. He completed his undergraduate studies in Sport Sciences and his Ph.D. dissertation on aquatic motor fitness and movement technique of swimmers in the Leningrad Sport University (1963-1972). His post-doctoral studies on motor/ technical sportsmanship in individual water sports were completed at Moscow Sport University (1988). He served as a scientific adviser and head of the scientific group for the USSR Olympic canoe/kayak team during three quadrennial cycles (1978-1991) and earned two government awards.

Since 1991, professor Issurin has lived in Israel and works as a researcher in the Sports Science Department (1991-94), is a professional consultant and coordinator of the Israeli Olympic National teams (since 1992), and lecturer at the Wingate coaching school and Wingate Physical Education College. He was advisor of 21 Ph.D. dissertations in the theory, physiology and biomechanical branches of sports training. As a member of the national Olympic delegations he took part in five Olympic Games; twice as a team leader of Israeli kayak and swimming national teams (2000 and 2004). He has over 150 scientific articles in national and international journals and in edited books and given over 50 international presentations.

He has lectured at universities and coaching forums in Athens, Bangkok, Florence, Ghent, Gijon, Göteborg, Grand Rapids (Michigan), Jyvaskyla, Kiev, Köln, Leuven, Lisbon, Madrid, Magdeburg, Moscow, Palma de Mallorca, Pontevedra, Poznan, Prague, Riga, Rome, St.Petersburg, Sofia, Tashkent, Tallinn, Vilnius and Volgograd. He has authored or coauthored 9 books. He has received honorary awards of the Olympic Committees of USSR, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Dr. Issurin is a member of the International Informatization Academy associated with UNESCO. He is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness and reviewer for the scientific journals, Sports Medicine and European Journal of Sport Sciences. Currently his research is focused on the methodology of high performance training and further development of the original coaching concepts for elite athletes. He is a multi-champion of Israel in masters swimming.


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