Book Title: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Year: 2018

Author: Jordan B. Peterson, Norman Doidge (Foreword), Ethan Van Sciver (Illustrator)

Genre: Psychology

Pages: 409

Book Quote: “It took untold generations to get you where you are. A little gratitude might be in order. If you’re going to insist on bending the world to your way, you better have your reasons.” – J. Peterson

Drew Review:  I found this book very difficult to digest and I had to reread many parts more than 3 times to really understand what was going on. With that being said there is no doubt that Jordan Peterson is someone who is a very deep thinker; who has great “rules to live by.” The actual rules are not hard to understand, it is the psychological background that supports his rules that I felt to be a little too much at times. If you are looking for a definitive guide for how to live your life, Peterson provides you just that.


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