Season 4 Episode 30 David Deets- “Train them for the sport instead of for numbers”

On this week’s episode I got to sit down and discuss the preparation process with basketball players with a coach that has been on my “wish list” for guests to have on The Podcast, David Deets. David has had a really awesome voyage that to his position now at Tulsa, and this has helped him formulate a unique philosophy and mindset when it comes to all aspects of preparation. Throughout the 30-minute discussion Coach Deets and I get into:

1) Where the origin of his passion for the warm up aspect of perpetration, but for training and practice came from
2) The value of keeping similar patterns in the warm up, but changing the movements as often as possible
3) Examples of how he prescribes these variations including specific examples of some of these patterns
4) Why and where we find value in barefoot training
5) What training them for the sport not the numbers mean to him

Such a great conversation with a fantastic practitioner who has a unique perspective on developing the basketball players, and a discussion that, quite frankly, has made me have some second thoughts about some things that I do, specifically with our daily practice warm ups. Coach Deets is really doing great work, and I’m so grateful for his open and candid sharing today. Make sure you give him a follow on The Gram at @ coachdeets23 and on the Twitter-sphere at @coachdeets. I truly hope you took as much from this discussion as I did, and if so, and could please help me out with three HUGE favors I’d be super grateful. If you could please: 1) share this with a colleague that would find value in the episode; 2) subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast platform; and 3) while you’re there, please leave us a 5-star review. Thank you so much for helping us grow The Podcast.


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