Season 4 Episode 29- Federico Pizzuto- “Find the balance between what we want and what they really need”

Today we have a really awesome discussion about connecting the physical aspects within our vocation and how it can be related back to the technical tactical side of the games we work in with Federico Pizzuto. Throughout this sensational 30-plus minute chat, Federico and I get into:

1) The model that he utilizes when connecting the technical tactical side with the physical preparation of the athletes.
2) What he’s looking at to build out his progressions, and the ways it impacts buy in with the players
3) Where autonomy for the players fits in his perpetration and RTP programming.
4) Video’s impact on communicating the goals and objectives of the program
5) Simple ways he has found success building out individualization in his programming

So much great insight from a practitioner working at the highest level, this episode is full of great, practical, real world tactics that we can all utilize (or adapt from) with our return to play progressions. I can’t thank Federico enough for being so open to sharing with us today because this was absolutely fantastic. Make sure you keep up with what he’s doing up in Columbus by following him on IG @federicocapacci. If you found value in the show and could do me three huge favors I’d really appreciate it if you would: 1) share the show with a colleague, this is the best way to spread the word; 2) subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast player to stay up to date with all our shows; 3) please leave us a review to help others find our show when they search for strength and conditioning based podcasts.


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