Season 4 Episode 28 Tim Kettenring- “How do we make these high outputs more repeatable?”

This week I’m fired up to sit down and talk conditioning with Tim Kettenring. Tim has been doing some awesome work helping coaches have a better understanding of how they can build bigger engines with the Conditioning Cohort. Throughout the great 30-plus minute chat, Tim and I get into

  • The areas of physiology that he feels are overlooked by coaches and where coaches can look to have a better understanding of what the “cohort” is trying to teach.
  • What are some of the driving questions behind his deeper dive into energy system development that has led to his desire to help coaches have a better understanding of these physiological adaptations.
  • Reasons behind some of the “standoffishness” towards low intensity conditioning work, and how we could possibly counteract those
  • Where the autonomic nervous system fits in their education model, and why it’s so important to understand the basics of ANS physiology and how it relates to conditioning levels and performance.
  • Next steps in progressing conditioning work once the athlete has a “solid base”
  • Ways to make your energy system work be a bit more practical in the team setting

A ton of great insight into what Tim is doing with, not just the course but what his training philosophy is and the driving factors behind it. Make sure you give him a follow at @timkettenring on X and tap in for more info on the training program at Just like all our shows, if you have found value in the show please and could do me three favors I’d greatly appreciate it if you could: 1) share the show with a colleague, this is the best way to spread the word; 2) subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast player to stay up to date with all our shows; 3) please leave us a review to help others find our show when they search for strength and conditioning based podcasts.

Who is Tim Kettenring?

Tim Kettenring is a 16 year strength and conditioning veteran with experience at every level of
sport. His current role is as the High Performance Director for Nola Gold Rugby of Major League
Rugby. Tim is also the President of Maverick Human Performance which provides coaching, consulting
and education services to athletes and coaches around the world. Prior to his current roles, Tim was the head strength and conditioning coach at Loyola University-New Orleans for 6 years, director of sports performance at Revolution Sports Performance for 2 years, and assistant strength and conditioning/sport coach at Holy Cross
High School for 4 years.


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