Season 3 Episode 19-Brittney Bearden “Understand where the athlete currently is and make the small changes”

I’m elated to introduce Brittney Bearden to The CVASPS family in this week’s episode of The Podcast. Britt has done some fantastic work with our guys over the past three years helping them to transform their nutrition routines. In the 33-minute discussion Brittney and I get into:

  • What drove her to go into sports nutrition and how the education steps to get licensed impacted how she practices today.
  • What is truly involved in how we select food, and how important it is to individualize nutrition programs based on the specific athlete.
  • The value in understanding where the athlete is in their nutrition voyage, and working with them to build from there.
  • Where the “line” is for where strength coaches may step out of their scope of practice, and what issues could arise if we over step our boundaries.

A huge thank you to Brittney Bearden for joining us today. She has been a huge addition to our group and has done great work helping our guys better understand how they fuel themselves, and also puts out awesome stuff so make sure you give her a follow @sportrdbritt on Instagram. I’m sure you’ll find a have a ton of value in the content she’s putting out. I can’t thank you enough for listening to The Podcast, and I hope you enjoyed the show. If so and could help us out by sharing the show with a colleague that would be greatly appreciated, and please don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast player, and please leave us a review while you’re there.


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