Season 3 Episode 18- Andrea Comini “The journey is really what matters”

This week’s episode of The Podcast is a season review and audit with Andrea Comini. Dre and I have known each other for almost 10 years, and we had the opportunity to sponsor his visa to bring him back to The States to work with us in The Q this year and he was a huge addition. Dre’s a great coach who brought a unique view point to our daily routine, our programming, and our standard. In the 30-minute discussion Dre and I get into:

1) Where his love of basketball and coaching stems from.
2) How bringing in a new set of eyes helped point out some areas I became a bit comfortable
3) The value of having a standard in our vocation and how it can be helpful teaching leadership and accountability within a team
4) Being who you are at all times, how each individual has to be true to themselves, and how we can learn from each other’s true self
5) The training plan and facility they’re building in Italy, and what is the driving factor behind building the program.

Massive thank you to Andrea Comini for joining us today. This was a unique show for me, taking a step back and reviewing where we had to make some improvements, the results of them, and sharing with you. I can’t thank Dre enough for his help this year, both with the team and with driving me to be a better coach. Make sure you check out what they’re doing at the Pro Camp, they’re doing an awesome job sharing what doing down at the lake. Give them a follow at: @procamp__ on Instagram. I’m sure you’ll find a what they’re putting out to have a ton of value. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoyed the show. If so and could help us out by sharing the show with a colleague that would be greatly appreciated, and please don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast player, and please leave us a review while you’re there.


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