Season 3 Episode 17- Dominick Walker “The My Way or The High Way Thing Doesn’t Work Anymore”

This week I had the pleasure of getting to catch up with Dominick Walker on this week’s episode of The Podcast. Dom is doing some awesome work down at Mississippi State preparing his Men’s Basketball team, and also providing a ton of great content on the work they’re doing and the results he’s seeing. In the 35-minute chat Dom and I get into:

  • Some adjustments that we see that are needed in this new era of the portal and NIL
  • Picking what battle to fight knowing that you’re not going to win them all
  • What the role of having standards are in developing relationships with the athlete
  • The role of the strength and conditioning coach in the world of sport

Huge thanks to Dominick Walker for joining us today. This show, like many this season, has been a long time coming. He’s doing an awesome job sharing the work he’s doing down at MSU so make sure you give him a follow at: on twitter and Instagram. I’m sure you’ll find a what he’s putting out to have a ton of value. If you enjoyed the show and could help us out by sharing the show with a colleague that would be greatly appreciated, and please don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast player, and please leave us a review while you’re there.


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