Season 3 Episode 15- Will Ratelle “Expand upon the context where you can improve your outputs”

In this week’s episode of The Podcast Will Ratelle and I discuss the vernacular of strength and conditioning, and why terms matter. Throughout the 35-minute chat Will and I get into:
1) How all too often we come up with terms that may or may not have an actual definition, and why this is really slowing down our progress as a vocation.
2) His view on the term rotational power, and why there may be some misconceptions around that term
3) The impact of range of motion on power athletes
4) What factors are important to Will in the training process, and how it drives his programming.
5) How can we communicate to coaches that they may not understand what they don’t understand
6) How the most important thing may be how your relationships with your coworkers are.

Will is doing great work, not just with his student athlete’s but with his two “Hoss” projects. Make sure you check them out here: and give him a follow on Instagram @will.ratelle. He puts out a ton of awesome content. If you enjoyed the show please subscribe on your favorite podcast player, and if you could leave us a 5 star review I’d greatly appreciate it!


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