Season 2- The 2022 Seminar Series- Episode 9- Ali Kershner- “What do you have to lose by being a better communicator?”

“Being able to have something that you stand for, and being able to consistently deliver that message in a way that’s authentic and gets to the core root of the issue and to your audience, that IS coaching.”

Always awesome to catch up with Ali Kershner, and this week’s episode of The Podcast is no different! Throughout the 40-minute chat we talk about:

  • Ali’s new role and what inspired her to take the leap to step away from coaching athletes
  • Some aspects of growth strength coaches excel at, and some we may need to improve upon
  • A simple way to help improve communication between people, not just coaches.
  • The importance of finding who you are as a coach
  • Ways that the “system” that we progress coaches through could be better
  • Sales, marketing, and personal brands and what their role is in coaching.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Ali on the docket as part of The Richmond Seminar, and hope you’re able to join us July 15 and 16 at The Marriott Short Pump! Tap the link to book your seat today!


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