Season 2- The 2022 Seminar Series- Episode 8- Brijesh Patel- “A Lot of What We Do Comes Down to The Artistry”

“It’s much more challenging to find solutions to problems then it is to complain.”

Always great to catch up with Coach Brijesh Patel, and this episode of The Podcast is no different. Throughout the 35-minute chat we talk about:

1) How a deep dive into fascia has had a massive impact on his programming
2) Eldoa, what it is and why it’s important
3) How isokinetic training can improve performance, and help with injuries
4) How coaches can build each other up to drive the profession forward
5) The issues with complaining vs providing answers
6) The impact of your “inner circle” and critical thinking, and how the two may not be symbiotic

I’m elated to welcome B to the CVASPS family and have him as part of The Pittsburgh Seminar! I hope you’re able to join us April 29th and 30th at Union Fitness in Pittsburgh, PA! Tap the link to book your seat today!


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