Season 2- The 2022 Seminar Series- Episode 5- Zach Dechant- The Best Athletes in The World Are the Best Compensators

“If you have the outputs you can have compensations and breakdowns in your technique. If you don’t have the output and you don’t have the ability to be a freak athlete then you better move really, really well and create impulse at the right time.”

In this week’s episode of The Podcast I got to catch up with Zach Dechant. Throughout the 35-minute chat we talk about:

  • Zach’s new role at TCU and where he sees that progressing forward.
  • Some new things that he’s implementing with his baseball players revolving around resisted sprinting.
  • Metrics that he uses to evaluate his players, and what the data is showing him.
  • The roles and symbiotic nature of general and specific strengths.
  • The underappreciated value of training rotation, and where it impacts performance in areas we may overlook.

A huge thanks to Exxentric for supporting the show. Exxentric is the leader in fly wheel technology. Their kBox and kPulley have had a huge impact in the preparation and RTP programs. Make sure you hop over to www.exxentric.comand check out all their sensational products today!

We couldn’t be more excited to have Zach on the docket as part of The Richmond Seminar, and hope you’re able to join us July 15 and 16 at The Marriott Short Pump! Tap the link to book your seat today!



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