Season 2- The 2022 Seminar Series- Episode 2- Molly Binetti- Our Issues and Barriers Come from Things We Didn’t Learn How to Navigate

“As cool as our job is and as much as we all love training, and making them better and watching them do their thing.  At the end of it, what are we actually leaving them with and what are we helping them do?”

We are joined this week by South Carolina Women’s Basketball Sport Performance Coach and my Free-VASPS co-host, Molly Benetti for this episode of The Podcast. Throughout the 40-minute discussion we dive into:


  • How COVID has continued to impact the preseason preparation strategies
  • The pros and cons of having a veteran led team
  • The role and importance of feedback from the athlete’s and staff
  • The importance of educating ourselves outside of the world of S and C, and the irony of talking about that during an S and C Podcast.

A huge thanks to Exxentric for supporting the show. Exxentric is the leader in fly wheel technology. Their kBox and kPulley have had a huge impact in the preparation and RTP programs. Make sure you hop over to www.exxentric.comand check out all their sensational products today!

We are elated to have Molly on the docket as part of The Pittsburgh Seminar, and hope you’re able to join us April 29th and 30th at Union Fitness in Pittsburgh, PA! Tap the link to book your seat today!


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