Season 2- The 2022 Seminar Series- Episode 10- Jonas Dodoo- “What is the right proportion of qualities that allows your speed to be best?”

“There are some general principles about how we train and how we could train based on humans first based on how we respond to training.”

This episode of The Podcast is a super discussion with Jonas Dodoo. During the 41-minute talk we cover:

1) Principles and systems, the power behind them and why their vital for coaches
2) Different ways that the general impacts the specific in training
3) The rule of thirds, and how it can help us understand programming
4) Confidence as an objective of many aspects of training
5) The role and power of trust and what it leads to
6) Pro’s and con’s to “buckets” with athletes
7) A different way to look at time and distance to improve speed

I’m so fired up to have Jonas on the docket as part of The Richmond Seminar, and hope you’re able to join us July 15 and 16 at The Marriott Short Pump! Tap the link to book your seat today!


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