The Olympian Manual for Strength & Size: Blue Print From the World’s Greatest Coach


A comprehensive approach to enhancing athletic performance through training. “The Olympian Manual for Strength & Size: Blue Print From the World’s Greatest Coach” lays a groundwork for building and honing the many types of strength including, speed, explosive-power, and starting strength, all while building lean mass. In addition, Dr. Bondarchuk has included exclusive training programs, complete with rep/set schemes separately designed for athletes of low, medium, and elite levels.

Ch. 1 – Strength Defined- Dynamic VS. Static Strength- Absolute VS. Relative Strength- Maximal, Speed, and Explosive Strength- General and Specialized Strength- Methods of Developmento Training Zones

Ch. 2 – Transfer of Strength Qualities- Using A Variety of Exercises- In Weightlifting Sport- In Speed-Strength Athletics

Ch. 3 – General Characteristics for Indicators of Strength- Display of Muscular Strengtho Depending on Angles of Links in the Athletes Physiology.o Effect of Various Muscular Training Programs – Strength Dependence on Muscle Mass.

Ch. 4- Developing the Full Strength Spectrum- Maximal, Explosive-Dynamic, Isometric, Starting and Speed Strength.- Maximal-Dynamic Strength- Maximal-Isometric Strength- Dynamic-Explosive Strength- Isometric-Explosive Strength- Starting Strength- Speed Strength

Ch. 5 – Examples of Training Programs- Maximal-Isometric Strength- Explosive-Dynamic Strength- Explosive-Isometric Strength- Speed Strength- Hypertrophy

Ch. 6 – Developing Strength: General Biological and Pedagogical Principles- Adaptation- Sport Training: General and Specific Pedagogical Principles- Methods for Local Exercises – Laws for Developing Sport Form


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