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Rick Brunner: Explosive Athletic Ergogenics: The Science and Practive of Nutritional Ergogenics(DIGITAL)


The best nutritional ergogenics are only as good as the training plan.

In 2014 Rick Brunner joined us to discuss his research and writing on nutritional support for improving performance in explosive athletes. Rick was able to take trips to the USSR in the 80s and Russia in the 90’s to get a behind the scenes look into what they were doing nutritionally. This has helped drive his research into what is most successful in improving athletic performance. After a brief intro Rick gets right into breaking down the 6 Nutrigenomic BAS Categories: Anabolic, Lipolytic, Energetic, Apoptogenic, Neurologic, and Dis-Adaptive Nutrients.

In each of these categories Rick breaks down the process that these nutrients go through and what nutrients effect this process and are listed under these categories. Rick not only gives the backing to what these nutrients are and where they fit into each of the process but he also gives anecdotal and practical usage and situations that he has found positives and negatives with athletes.

For more on this fantastic talk follow the link here: https://cvasps.com/product/rick-brunner-explosive-athletic-ergogenics/


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