Keenan Robinson: USA Swimming (DIGITAL)


Keenan Robinson: Aquatic Posture – The Development and Selection of Exercise

Keenan Robinson is the High Performance Director for USA Swimming, who is most known for his work with Michael Phelps and Allison Schmitt, came in and discussed the entire training process when it comes to dealing with swimmers. He breaks down how the training, both daily and weekly, in the water and how that impacts his overall plan both on the micro and macro level. He then touches upon how they built the culture that the team that led to immense success. Next he breaks down some of his KPI’s he had for his swimmers, evaluations they used, special exercises they developed, his aquatic posture exercises, and some progressions, regressions, and lateralizations. The last 3, (special exercises, aquatic posture work, and progressions) allow coaches to see the what’s and why’s as to where one coach has found ways to better develop exercises for their athlete’s to have more carry over to their sporting event. He finishes out talking about what they were looking at in terms of sport science and monitoring, and gives exact examples of training programs he used with his athlete’s leading up to his athlete’s including some alterations that were made.


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