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Jim Snider: Post Season Tissue ReEducation Model (DIGITAL)



The goal was basically to improve fascial alignment, improve joint range of motion, which is what we saw with that posterior lateral line. In my opinion, that’s what I was trying to work for.

Jim Snider came to Richmond in 2015 to share with us how he begins his off-season training with the hockey teams at Wisconsin. Jim starts out by sharing with us the objectives of this part of his program and why each of those objectives are so important at the early stages of the general part of his program. This includes each system and why the focus on them is so vital in setting the foundation to build upon later in the training program. Most of this part revolves around Fascia, it’s function, what is in it, and why “lining it up” matters. This leads him right into what the training is, how long this “block” goes for, how he implements it with his athletes, and examples of means he utilizes with his hockey players. This leads him to share the exact program that he uses including exercises, sets, reps/time, how long the phase lasts, and why he has selected all of that. Snider finishes out the talk sharing his thoughts as the pros and cons to the results, and some things that he feels like he needs to improve the program to better set the table for each of his athletes in the future.

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