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Ethan Reeve: Density Training and Program Design(DIGITAL)


Our philosophy in strength and conditioning is ‘we do what works’.” “If you can’t move you can’t help us

This was the FIRST presentation from The Seminar back in 2011, and it set the bar high. Wake Forest’s Ethan Reeve gets right into the meat and potatoes in this talk by starting out giving us a rundown of his entire program starting with his philosophy that they used at Wake. Coach Reeve then goes through the standards that they had set for their football players at Wake and the reasoning behind each of those lifting standards. He then discusses different methods of implementing density training into your program. These examples include their “Game Day” protocol with the power clean, and The Climbing Method. Next Coach Reeve gives us l examples of the weekly plan he would use (from warm up to cool down) with his athletes along with actual footage of these workouts (again from start to finish). Coaches talk was not just full of great training information, but stories of the workouts he describes both done by himself and his athletes.

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