Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky: Depth Jump vs Drop Jump(DIGITAL)


It’s not only the drop height, but also the goal that influenced the landing technique in drop jumps.

In her third presentation at The Seminar, Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky dives into the similarities and differences between the Depth Jump and Drop Jump. The Depth Jump was developed on the work of her father, Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky, while the Drop Jump was by Carmelo Bosco.

This talk is a fantastic dive into the background of the Depth Jump, and then carries right into Drop Jump. The “areas” of executing these exercises that she covers are:

• Origins
• Drop Height
• Execution Technique
• Motor Goal
• Physiological Mechanism Involved
• The Rules of Applying

After this in depth break down she goes over some of the confusion that people have had between the two movements. The crossing of methods was mostly due to people confusing the studies and the goals for the exercise. There was also some confusion as to when to implement them, and the results obtained by not following the predetermined rules of the individuals who researched them. She touches upon many different researchers and coaches who have tried to combine the methods or confused the two methods by using the methods of one in attempting to implement the other. All of these were shown to be less successful than the methods of Verkhoshansky and Bosco for each’s specific goal.


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