Dr. Natalia Verkhoshanksy: General Adaptation Syndrome and its Applications in the Sport Training(DIGITAL)


STRESS is only ONE of the adaptive reactions to the excessive exposure, in its classical sense, and it doesn’t play a significant role in the mechanisms of adaptation to the training load. So, I will show you what this research was and you will create your personal opinion about this issue

Dr. Verkhoshansky breaks down the work by Dr. Hans Selye on General Adaptation Syndrome, and then brings recent research to our attention to help move this theory forward.

The first part of this presentation is a breakdown of Seyle’s General Adaptation Syndrome. This includes how he “discovered” it, what it actually is, and its relevance. This is the most in-depth, step by step, review of his research I’ve seen to date.

She then breaks down the evolution of GAS sense Selye by reviewing his findings and how new research changes those findings. This includes a review of each stage of GAS, where the ideas/findings came from, and where there have been some changes/evolution to the theory. This leads to Garkavi’s updates to the theory and how this is changing how we look at training and stress.

Dr. Verkhoshansky finishes off bringing the practical aspects of applying GAS to sports training. This starts with the typical reaction to training, both during the session, and after. That ties right into identifying the load necessary to utilize in training, and the factors that impact the load necessary and the athlete’s ability to adapt to that load. Lastly, she touches ups the symptoms that indicates that an athlete is unable to adapt to that load, so coaches are better aware of when to back off, and when to put the pedal down.

This presentation is one that I would rank in the top 10 in most important presentations given at The Seminar. A better understanding to the stress response and how we need to manage the training and work of our athlete’s is vital. Now, I do understand that her English is not fantastic, as this was her first presentation given in English ever. With that being said, if you follow along with the slides all the information is quite easy to follow. Now, even with that being said, this is a presentation that I have watched multiple times and am still learning from, and am sure the next time I will pick up on more. It’s that information dense!


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