Outside The Rack #34- Matt Thome

“Sometimes you need to slow down and go back and kind of reground yourself and say, ‘What is the most important thing we are doing? How can we accomplish that?’ Rather than, let me add this, and add that, and add this, and before you know it you have three different things that are kind of aimed for one goal.”

‘This puzzle is never ending, which is what makes this field great.”

What’s up everybody and welcome the 34th episode of Outside The Rack brought to you by Kinetic Performance the makers of Gymaware. In this show we are going to try to dive a little deeper into the minds of the top practitioners in the world of sport performance to learn a bit more about who they actually are and how they got to where they are at today. Today we are joined by ALTIS Performance and Innovation Manager, Matt Thome. Matt, thanks for being with us today?

Before we start, who is Matt Thome?

Dad, husband, Phd. student.

1) Describe a learning situation that brought about an epiphany in your career

When I was at Richmond, but I’ve seen over and over, and that is keep things simple and don’t forget about the essentials.

2) If you could ask one questions and you know you would get the answer what would that be and why?

What’s the best way that we can create a collaborative performance team?

3) What’s your escape?

For me it’s going on a hike, getting out side a bit.

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