Season 4 Episode 2- Scott Kuehn “A holistic lens towards how athletes are prepared”

In this week we welcome LSU’s Scott Kuehn to The Podcast. I’ve been very fortunate to know Scott for what is going on 10 years, and it’s been fantastic to watch him grow professional and into his role with LSU football. Within the 42-minute discussion Scott and I get into:

1) How attending The Seminar impacted his growth and professional trajectory
2) What “the high-performance model” means to him?
3) Where do practitioners need to start when it comes to building their version of this model?
4) Where understanding the role of internal/external monitoring and subjective/objective lenses, and how they can each combine to provide unique data to help us do better for our athletes
5) The role of technology, and how adding too much to fast can lead to issues.

I can’t thank Scott enough for spending the time with us and being so candid with his thoughts on building a high-performance model. It’s been really awesome watching his career trajectory from a far, but I feel it’s safe to say that we can see why he’s climbed the ladder as quickly as he has. He’s doing fantastic work down in Baton Rouge. Make sure you give him a follow on the socials @scottkuehn88, and tap in to his Linktree to check out the great products that he has available here: If you find value in the show please feel free to share this episode with a collogue that you feel would enjoy it, and please don’t forget to subscribe and give us a 5-star review on your favorite podcast player. I truly do appreciate it.

Who is Scott Kuehn?
Scott Kuehn is currently the Manager of Applied Sport Science for LSU Football. He has previously had stops at the University of Arizona, the College of William & Mary, the University of Tulsa, and the University of Kentucky in varying capacities as both a performance coach and sport scientist. Originally from the Chicago suburbs, he attended Illinois State University for his undergrad in exercise science, while going from walk-on to scholarship football player during his time there, then completed a Master’s degree while at Tulsa.


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