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The Manual, Vol. 3
Chapter 5: Key Movements in Sprinting
Jeff Moyer



Who is Jeff Moyer?

Jeff Moyer is the owner of Dynamic Correspondence Sports Training, where the motto is, “We Build Better Athletes.” At DC Sports Training, athletes work on the physical, mental and visual aspects to the sports. Their goal is to deliver the athletes of the greater Pittsburgh area the highest, most efficient results year after year of training with us. We will exhaust our means in order for our athletes to achieve the highest results, and to create a system model that will develop our athletes both physically and intellectually. Education must be the road to which will help us set this standard. Our results will be the vehicle which to drive us.

This Chapter tackles the following topics

  • History of Studying Biomechanics of Sprinting
  • Stride Length vs Stride Frequency
  • Practicality
  • Bernstein & Key-Movements
  • Biodynamic Structure of Sprinting
  • Key Movements in Sprinting
  • Increasing the Working Effect of Key-Movements

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