Dr. Michael Yessis

2010 “True Plyometrics”

2011 “Specialized Exercises-How to Use Them in a Practical Setting”

Dr. Michael Yessis is President of Sports Training, Inc. a multi-faceted company specializing in biomechanical/kinesiological analyses, and specialized training and specialized equipment for explosive speed and quickness. Dr. Yessis is Professor Emeritus at California State University, Fullerton. He is a clinical advisor and a member of the editorial board for the American Running Association.

Dr. Yessis received his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. He was the first to show the relationships between muscular strength and endurance in his research. He taught on the university level for over 35 years in the areas of biomechanics (technique analysis), kinesiology (muscle and joint movements) and exercise science. In addition he was Editor-in-Chief of the Fitness and Sports Review International.

Dr. Yessis is the foremost U.S. expert on Russian training methods He has been to Russia multiple times, worked with their coaches such as Yuri Verkhoshansky, and has translated and published Russian training articles in the Fitness and Sports Review International for over 29 years.

Dr. Yessis has developed many unique sports specific exercises and specialized training programs. His training program, now known as the Yessis system of improving performance is successfully used throughout the U,S. and in some foreign countries He has been a consultant to several Olympic and professional sports teams, such as the L.A. Rams and the L.A. Raiders football clubs, U.S. Men’s Volleyball Team and many athletes from youth to the professional level in the areas of speed, quickness and explosive power.

Dr. Yessis was a regular writer for Muscle and Fitness magazine for 25 years, and his column “Training Notebook” was the number one rated article in the magazine. He was also a columnist for Peak Running Performance, and now writes regularly for Volleyball Magazine, Women’s Basketball and Speed -Strength magazine.

Dr. Yessis has made guest appearances on many TV shows, including the Today Show (two times), PM Magazine, Good Morning America—Los Angeles, Eye on San Diego, Cable Vision, Sports Page on Cox Cable and CNN News. He has also been written up in many newspapers and referred to in many journals, including Sports Illustrated, Sport, California Magazine, Time, “M” Special Report, People, San Diego Union, North County Times and others. Dr. Yessis is consultant to many instructors, coaches and athletes. For long distance clients he works via telephone and video.




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