This year on April 26th and 27th on the beautiful campus of The University of Richmond in Richmond, VA Central Virginia Sport Performance will be hosting their fourth annual Seminar. For this year’s CVASPS we have stepped it up another notch, bringing back many of the favorites from past years, and introducing some new presenters as well.

Friday April 26th

  • Kelly Starrett – Integrating Screening, Diagnostics, and Performance: the pinnacle of evaluation and identification is your programming
  • Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky – Depth Jump vs Drop Jump
  • Landon Evans – Excel for Sport.
  • Henk Kraaijenhof – Helping the Best to Get Better: developments in improving performance by training and recovery.

Saturday April 27th

  • Ben Peterson – The Effect of Aerobic Capacity on Repeated Sprint Performance: and examination of VO2 on and off transient kinetics, their applications for fatigue, and practical applications for training.
  • Henk Kraaijenhof – Wired to Win: an overview of the psycho-physiology to train the most important performance organ: the brain.
  • Joel Jamieson – Review of a Camp: the preparation of a UFC Champion
  • Jesse Burdick and Mark Bell – Strength is Never a Weakness.
  • Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky – Progressing the Jumping Exercises: Practical Application for Coaches.
  • Dr. Michael Kalinski – Hormones in Sport and Exercise
  • Dr. Michael Yessis – The Yessis Model, The 1×20 Strength Training Program
  • Yosef Johnson – Performance Result Based TrainingMethods

This fantastic lineup consisting of the best of the best from around the world converging to the gorgeous campus of The University of Richmond in Richmond, VA for an incredible seminar for anyone involved in athletic performance. With some of the best scientific and coaching minds in the world you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

After purchasing you will receive your very own membership account where you will be able to login and view the seminar live on April 26th and 27th. You will also receive a replay of the event that will be viewable in your account so you can re-watch any of the cutting edge presentations.

2011 Testimonials

2012 Testimonials

CVASPS 2013 Online Seminar

The 2011 Seminar is 11 hours of nonstop information provided by the likes of Ethan Reeve, Joel Jamieson, Dr. Mainfang Ruan, Cal Dietz, Dr. Michael Yessis, and Dr. Vladimir Issurin. Presentations cover topics including block periodization, energy system training, specialized exercises, different loading parameters for training, along with the history and future of the Chinese training model.

Watch Clips from the 2011 Seminar

CVASPS 2013 Online Seminar Bundle 1

The 2012 Seminar is 12 hours of information provided by the best coaches and scientists from around the world including: Landon Evans, Joel Jamieson, Val Nasedkin, Cal Dietz, Mike Robertson and Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky. These fantastic presentations cover the hottest topics in physical preparation including: what corrective exercise is, how to see athletes adapt to training, and how to monitor readiness to make sure they are adapting. Throw in some take home principles that can be applied to your plyometric training and strength training right away, and you’ll see why people walked out of The 2012 Seminar as better coaches.

Watch Clips from the 2012 Seminar

CVASPS 2013 Online Seminar Bundle 2

This bundle combines all three seminars and is the best deal of all. Watch the seminars full of information for the first time from the comfort of your home. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc vitae felis massa. Aenean sed quam massa, vel tincidunt sapien. Etiam consectetur convallis placerat. In velit elit, feugiat non interdum vel, tristique quis leo. Nulla tellus tortor, suscipit id suscipit vel, facilisis vel libero.


CVASPS 2013 Online Seminar Bundle 3